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Screwbolts give a sturdy and secure hold for heavy loads. Perfect for quick installation, screwbolts are available as concrete bolts and more. These fixings are versatile, and so suitable for a range of projects.

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What is a screwbolt?

Screwbolts are fixings designed to thread into concrete or masonry materials, making them easy to remove and reuse. Screwbolts can have hex, pan or  countersunk head profiles depending on the materials being fixed and how you want to fix the materials together.

What types of screwbolts are available from Fixings Store?

At Fixings Store, we have a wide range of screwbolts with various sizes. You can select a screwbolt from 35mm to 320mm with various diameters depending on your project. All of our screwbolts are made from high-strength materials to keep your fixings secure.

How do I select the right screwbolt for my project?

To select the appropriate screwbolt size, consider the thickness of the material being fastened, the required load capacity, and the type of screwbolt suitable for the application.