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Many of us in Great Britain are worried about the impacts of climate change on future generations. Whilst most want to make climate-friendly changes in our lives, the typical costs associated with that make the change harder.

So there’s a bridge that needs building, and that's where we want to help. Our reforestation commitment will connect our enthusiastic home renovators, contractors and tradespeople with the planet we build on, through simply shopping on our website.

You shop. We plant.

So at no extra cost to our customers, all orders and feedback left on our TrustPilot page (good or bad) will have a tree planted through our chosen climate superheroes, Ecologi.

How does it work?

At the end of each month, we tally up our orders and TrustPilot reviews received by our customers, and we submit an order through Ecologi's Impact Shop. The Impact Shop gives a wide range of continents for us to focus our reforestation activities on. We try to diversify as much as possible so our customer's efforts go further around the globe. 

Transparency and Traceability is at our core.

It's deeply important to us that we have complete traceability on our reforestation journey. Saying a tree has been planted is one thing, but what if you could actually watch the growth progress of said trees from satellites? Well that really is possible! Ecologi have opened us up to a world of connected partners that allow us to have true tangible data and information to verify where our trees have been planted, and their growth progress towards carbon capture. Take a look at our 'digital garden' below to view our data and certificates.

We plant trees with Ecologi

Want to add an extra tree to that number? Why not leave us a review below:


Why are we planting trees?

Selection of Insulation Anchors

Combat Global Warming

The average tree in Ecologi's current tree mix will sequester 85 kgCO2 per tree over a 40-year lifetime.

Selection of Insulation Anchors

Promote Biodiversity

A healthier forest can promote more sustainable habitats for each region's precious mammal, bird, insect, fish and plant species.

Selection of Insulation Anchors

Support local communities

We're partnering with each region's farmers to strengthen crop production as well as local economies.