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Grab Adhesives

Used to bond to almost any surface and able to be used to fill gaps, grab adhesive provides excellent strength to glue to all of the most solid building materials. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Fixings Store has all types of grab adhesives from top brands at low prices and fast delivery. 

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What is a Grab Adhesive?

A robust and quick-setting adhesive that can bond materials without using fixings such as nails or screws. Grab adhesives can bond wood, metal, plastic and stone materials. They can be used throughout the home for skirting boards, flooring, tiles, and many more surfaces and materials. At Fixing Stores, we have a vast range of grab adhesives, from mini tube grab adhesives for those small jobs to heavy-duty grab adhesives when you need to bond more extensive materials.

How to apply Grab Adhesive?

You will need a cartridge gun to apply a grab adhesive. Insert the grab adhesive into the cartridge gun. Push the adhesive out using the gun handle. Apply the adhesive in a zig-zag motion onto the material, press the two surfaces together, and hold. Always check the grab adhesive instructions for more information.

Are Grab Adhesives waterproof?

At Fixings Store, we have a range of grab adhesives that have waterproof features. Waterproof grab adhesives can be used in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms as well as for outdoor applications. Be sure to check the product packaging, as not all grab adhesives are suitable for outdoor or wet area applications.

What is the difference between solvent-based and solvent-free grab adhesives?

Solvent-based adhesives can be used in bonding various materials. With high bond strength, solvent-based adhesives can withstand fluctuating high and low temperatures. Solvent-free, also known as water-based grab adhesives, have a lower VOC content, making them safer for the environment. Solvent-free grab adhesives form strong bonds with most materials. However, they are susceptible to freezing at low temperatures and take longer to set than solvent-based grab adhesives.

How long will it take for a grab adhesive to set?

Grab adhesives will bond to material in as little as 60 seconds. Pressure must be applied to help secure the bond, and the adhesive will fully cure after 24 hours. At Fixings Store, we have many grab adhesives to choose from, all with various setting times, so it is best to check the product information.