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Stabila is, without doubt, the name for high-quality, precision measuring and levelling tools. Their signature yellow and red spirit levels and distance-measuring devices can be spotted distinctively across construction and DIY projects around the globe.

Stabila designs and manufactures a wide range of Spirit Levels, Electronic Levels, Lasers, Tape Measures and Folding Rules. With a deep array of products in each category, there’s not a single industry, trade or on-site scenario that can’t be accurately measured or levelled with one of their products.

With some products packing a lifetime guarantee, such as the Spirit Levels, you already know these products are built to last. Buying a Stabila product pays for itself in accuracy and quality over time. Shop our full Stabila collection below.

About Stabila

Stabila is undoubtedly the market leader for high-quality, precision measuring and levelling tools. With a history dating back to 1889, Stabila has earned a reputation for precision and durability in the construction and woodworking industries. The company specializes in producing a wide range of measurement instruments, including spirit levels, laser levels, distance-measuring devices, and various quality accessories. These products are trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike for their accuracy and reliability, making Stabila a go-to choice for ensuring precise and level construction and carpentry work.

Stabila Levels

Stabila offers both Spirit and Electronic Levels. Each type has a whole host of different sizes, builds and use cases. Typically those working in construction, timber and foundational work, Stabila Spirit Levels tend to be the more popular choice. For those working on machinery, fabrication and welding, the Stabila Electronic Levels are the more favourable levelling method. This is because electronic levels not only have the accuracy of a bubble vial to confirm the levelness, but can also serve quick information on an angle to the user through the digital display. 

Stabila Type R300 R-Beam Levels

This level is exactly what the pros have been asking for. The Type R300 is Stabila’s flagship levelling product, now 2X stronger than the Type 196 range in the normal reading position, thanks to its twist-resistant, five-chamber design profile. Packing a lifetime warranty, the Stabila R300 is built to withstand the toughest side conditions. Available in 24” (61cm), 32” (81cm), 48” (122cm), 72” (183cm), 78” (198cm) and 96” (244cm) lengths.

Stabila Type 196 Heavy Duty Levels

Made in Germany, with guaranteed accuracy for life. The Stabila Type 196 Spirit Levels are a trusted range and have a wide range of site use cases. Built with an ultra-rigid aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs and open finger grips are what makes this extremely comfortable, long-lasting and easy to use. The reading vials are firmly cast inside the frame using a non-shrink epoxy solution, with no risk of leaking, breaking or fog. Choose Stabila Type 196 Levels for a lifetime of accurate and comfortable levelling.

Stabila Type 80 AS Levels

Renowned for its unparalleled accuracy in such a compact form factor, the Stabila Type 80 AS range is perfect for tilers, carpenters, landscapers and concrete pourers. Utilising the signature reinforced aluminium design profile, together with Stabila’s installation technology, it’s another spirit level that packs a lifetime warranty. Available in 8” (20cm), 12” (30cm), 24” (61cm), 48” (122cm) and 72” (183 cm) lengths.

Stabila Type 70A-2 Levels

The number one frame style in Europe. Simple, lightweight and reliable. Excellent value for money. The Stabila Type 70A-2 is the perfect starter level, with an entry price point. Featuring two vertical vials and one horizontal vile, both installed using Stabila’s installation technology. A smooth frame surface makes for easy cleaning and is coated to ensure the upmost protection of the surface. Available in both 24” (61cm) and 48” (122cm) lengths.

Stabila Measuring Tools

The tape measure… an indispensable tool for every tool kit. Whether it’s pocket tape measures or more specialist open and closed reel tapes, Stabila has a variety of options to choose from that suit all project types. Pocket Tape Measures are small, rugged and essential for everyday work. Perfect for all professionals who calibrate, take measurements, cut materials to length or check lengths before completing tasks. Closed and Open Case Tape Measures are slightly more specialist covering those who tend to take measurements over longer distances, such as measuring beams, metalwork or concrete foundations spanning several metres. 

Stabila at Fixings Store

Fixings Store is an authorised online distributor of all Stabila products. We buy direct from Germany and hold an expansive stock array in our warehouse, which means we can pass on some great savings to our customers, keeping prices keen all year round, whilst delivering most products on a next-day service. Our customer service team have a wealth of knowledge across all Stabila tools so if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through LiveChat or by our contact form.