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Welcome to Fixings Store, your one-stop destination for all your fixing and home improvement needs. We are an online business dedicated to providing fixings, power tools, hand tools and home improvement accessories. With a wide range of shopping departments and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be the go-to platform DIY requirements.

Our History

Born from our 20,000sq/ft premises in Ashford, we come from a business group with over 30 years of experience distributing fixings and construction consumables to some of the largest national infrastructure projects of recent times. We even manufacture our own goods such as drill bits, cutting discs and screws!

Our customer base is diverse, ranging from DIY enthusiasts to professional builders, contractors, and tradespeople. We serve homeowners and individuals looking to tackle home improvement projects, as well as construction companies and businesses in need of bulk fixing supplies. Our user-friendly website and streamlined ordering process make it easy for anyone to find and purchase the products they need with just a few clicks.

Our Values

At Fixings Store, we believe home improvement and the construction industry should not be at the cost of our planet. Energy usage, waste generation, air pollution, water consumption and habitat destruction are the adverse effects of building and renovations despite new regulations.

It’s our mission to bridge the gap between our customers and the environment by funding tree plants, carbon avoidance projects and renewable and nature-based projects with every order through our connected climate partners. Learn more about our current reforestation project here.

Our Vision

We have an ambitious vision for the next five years. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading and anchored name in the trade and home DIY sector, not only in the UK but also across Europe. We aim to be the go-to destination for individuals, businesses, and contractors seeking high-quality fixing products and services.

To achieve this vision, we are committed to providing some of the greatest buying and installation and tutorial guides available in the industry. We understand that navigating the world of fixings can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the trade or DIY projects. That's why we want to empower our customers with comprehensive guides that simplify the process of selecting, purchasing, and installing fixings. By offering expert advice and practical resources, we aim to enhance our customers' confidence and knowledge, ensuring they make informed decisions for their projects.