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Paslode, part of the ITWCP group, is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality nail guns and nails. They’ve built a solid reputation for their durability, reliability, and power. Paslode's nail guns are powered by Paslode battery packs and shot by gas, making them more versatile whilst on site. The Paslode Framing Nailers (IM360Xi and IM350+) are a favourite amongst contractors, offering best in class for wood-to-wood fixings in renovation and new build projects.

Fixings Store are an authorised web distributor of Paslode tools, through our knowledge and our expansive stock holding of their products. Our team of experts can help guide and supply a wide range of approved accessories like batteries, lubricating oils and more.

Paslode Nail Guns

Paslode offer three main nail gun types: Framing Nailers, Finishing Nailers and Specialist Nailers.

Starting with Framing Nail Guns (IM360Ci, IM350+), these are professional tools designed to give contractors the very best in class performance when fixing wood to wood in newbuild and renovation projects. Ideal users are carpenters, roofers and general builders and are suitable in a wide range of fixing applications such as roof battening, truss work, timber framing, cladding, stud work and joists, roof boarding, panelling and much more.

Next we have Finishing Nail Guns, these are fast and accurate, and give a clean finish when fixing the final fixtures, such as door frames or skirting boards. They are tried and tested on job sites globally and with such a wide range of brad nails to use, they'll be suitable for many applications. The Paslode IM65 and IM65A finishing nailers are popular amongst carpenters.

Lastly, there are the Specialist Nail Guns. These are ideal for carpenters and roofers who work both on renovation and newbuild projects and require a nail gun that is suitable for the installation of a wide range of technical fixings, both in wood-to-wood and metal-to-wood.

Paslode Nails

As an authorised distributor of Paslode products, Fixings Store stock a wide variety of Paslode nails, brads and staples. Many of the nail ranges come with replacement gas packs that will be enough to fire the nail pack size too, so you’re topped up and ready to go.

Brad nails come in packs of 2,000 in a length range of 16mm up to 63mm. Alternatively, Smooth and Ring Shank nails start at 51mm in length and up to 90mm, depending on the nail finish.

Paslode Batteries & Chargers

All Paslode Nail Guns are powered by Paslode Lithium Batteries. They are high-capacity, fast-charging lithium units that can deliver 200 shots in just 2 minutes of charging. A full charge takes approx 90 minutes.

Whether you’re on site or on the road, Paslode batteries can be charged through Paslode Lithium Battery Chargers or through their new in-car charger adapter. If fast charging is your preference, we suggest sticking with the battery charger dock as this can provide 200 shots of energy in just 2 minutes of charging.

Paslode Accessories

There are plenty of accessories to keep your Paslode Guns in top condition. Lubricating Oil is one of our most recommended care accessories as this ensures all moving components within the nail gun contuinue to do so with minimal friction. For those deeper cleans, we suggest the Paslode & SPIT cleaning kit, which provides effective cleaning of all Paslode cordless nailers and will maintain reliable operation. And lastly, for those sensitive areas, the No-Mar Cladding Probe ensures your nailer will leave no mark on the contact surface before firing. 

For further assistance and details, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can connect with us through our online chat or give us a call on 01233 344 940. We're here to help.