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When securing heavy loads, you need to ensure the fixing you are using can hold the weight. We have a range of heavy-duty fixings suitable for interior and exterior walls. Whatever you are fixing your heavy item to, we have heavy-duty wall fixings for concrete, brick, stone and more.

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What are anchor bolts used for?

Anchor bolts are a sturdy fastener designed to secure objects to concrete and masonary materials. Anchor bolts are commonly attached to structural elements such as steel columns and solid fixtures to concrete foundations or walls. You will use an anchor bolt when taking on a large construction project.

How do I select the right anchor bolt size?

To select the appropriate anchor bolt size, consider the thickness of the material being fastened, the required load capacity, and the type of anchor suitable for the application. Consult the manufacturer's technical data or seek guidance from a professional if you are uncertain about the right size. At Fixings Store, we have anchor bolts ranging from 25mm to 260ml, with different thread and diameter sizes.

What anchor bolts are available at Fixings Store?

At Fixings Store, we have a range of anchor bolts to choose from depending on your project. Our sleeve anchors and drop-in anchors are perfect for fixing heavy materials to concrete, whilst our nail-in anchors can be used when fixing lightweight materials into solid concrete. We also have a range of nail-in and hammer-in anchors for all your fixing needs.