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Denso Tapes

Denso Petroleum Tapes is an established company that has been providing quality products since the 1950s. Founded in England by Jim Denholme, it initially specialized in producing asphalt-based self-adhesive tapes for industrial and home use. Over the years, the company has expanded its product range to include petrolatum, wax and grease tapes; as well as butyl rubber-based tapes and primers that are used to protect pipes, tanks, and vessels from corrosion. Today, Denso Petroleum Tapes is one of the most trusted names in this industry when it comes to providing superior performance protection against severe weather and harsh environments. 

High Quality Protection Tapes

The selection of tapes they offer includes a variety of options including standard petrolatum tapes which can seal and protect any metal substrates exposed to moisture or corrosive chemicals; wax tape which provides long-term protection against water ingress; butyl-rubber-based tape for permanent waterproof seals; bituminous mastic for substrate protection from water ingress; hot melt compounds which have excellent oxidative stability; cold applied sealants which provide superior sealing properties against most hydrocarbons and solvents; as well as high temperature protective coatings that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. 

In addition to their wide array of petroleum tapes, Denso also offers various construction foams, cable jointing compounds, thread locking compounds, rust converting coating systems, flooring primers and adhesives. All their products are manufactured with utmost precision with quality control measures being met at each production cycle ensuring a consistent level of reliability. The company also provides complete technical support through its experienced personnel who specialize in application guidance & product troubleshooting making them a preferred choice among professionals across multiple industries.

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