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Purdy is a well-respected and trusted brand for all things painting. Specialised in creating high-quality paint rollers, paint brushes and painting equipment. Since 1925, Purdy has been crafting the finest brushes and rollers that have made all kinds of painting a breeze for nearly 100 years.

Purdy Paint Brushes

Purdy brushes come in different types, each designed to meet specific painting needs. One type of brush is the angular brush, which has a slanted edge that allows for more precise control when painting corners or edges. Another type is the flat brush, which is ideal for painting large areas and providing smooth, even coverage. The Purdy oval brush, on the other hand, is perfect for cutting in around tight spaces and edges, while the round brush is excellent for painting curves and trim work. 

Purdy Paint Rollers

Purdy offers a variety of paint rollers that cater to different needs and preferences. A favourite is the White Dove roller, which is made of a woven Dralon fabric that is perfect for achieving a smooth, velvety finish. There's also the Golden Eagle roller, which is designed for rougher surfaces, thanks to its high-density polyester cover that can pick up more paint and distribute it evenly. Then finally there’s the Colossus roller, which is ideal for large surface areas, and features a polyamide cover that can hold up to 30% more paint and reduce the need for constant refilling. 

Purdy Roller Sets

Paint Roller kits are perfect for those who need everything on one single package. Purdy offers a wide range of paint roller sets designed for all scales of painting projects. Whether it be a small remedial finish or a large home colour-change, a Purdy paint roller set is the best place to start. Their roller sets are available. Purdy offer a mini painting kit, perfect for small jobs, as well as large 6-piece contractor kits that will give you everything you need to transform multiple spaces with ease.