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fischer is a renowned brand with a rich history in the field of construction and fastening solutions. Established in Germany in 1948 by Artur Fischer, the company quickly gained recognition for its innovative and reliable products.

fischer fixings became synonymous with high-quality and durable fixings, earning the trust of professionals and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. Over the years, the brand has continually pushed the boundaries of technology, introducing groundbreaking advancements such as nylon plugs, chemical anchors, and intelligent fixing systems.

Today, fischer is known for its comprehensive range of products, including screws, wall plugs, anchors, and more, catering to various applications and ensuring secure and lasting connections.

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fischer Fixings & Tools

fischer offer a wide range of tools and fixings to meet the diverse needs of construction, DIY and industrial applications. Below we explain an overview of some of the key product categories:

fischer Anchors

fischer offer a wide range of anchors designed for different applications, substrates and load-bearing requirements. Firstly they have Through Bolts. These are robust anchors that are suitable for heavy-duty applications. They’re commonly used for securing structural elements, steel constructions and machinery to concrete. Through bolts provide a high load-bearing capacity with reliable performance. Depending on the specific model, they can support weights ranging from hundreds to several thousands of kilograms. Through bolts are designed to be used with concrete and solid masonry substrates. For our full range of through bolts, take a look here.

fischer also has a wide range of undercut anchors, also known as undercut bolts or wedge anchors. They offer excellent load-bearing capacity combined with easy installation. These anchors are suitable for use in concrete and solid masonry. They work by expanding against the substrate when tightened, creating a secure connection. The load-bearing capacity of undercut anchors can vary depending on the specific model and diameter, ranging from several hundred kilograms to several metric tonnes.

fischer’s have a wide selection of frame fixings designed to attach window and door frames, battens and other fixtures to various substrates. They are particularly effective in materials such as concrete, brick, and stone. fischer’s frame fixings are known for their easy installation, high load-bearing capacity, and reliable performance. Depending on the model, they can support weights ranging from tens to hundreds of kilograms.

fischer Wall Plugs

fischer’s Universal wall plugs are versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of materials, including concrete, solid brick, stone and plasterboard. These plugs feature a design that allows them to expand and grip the substrate tightly when a screw is inserted. Universal Wall Plugs provide reliable hold and are well-suited for general purpose applications.

Nylon Wall Plugs are known for their durability and versatility. They are designed for use in materials such as concrete, brick, stone and plasterboard. Nylon Wall Plugs have excellent resistance to corrosion and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They offer reliable anchoring and are ideal for securing lightweight to medium-weight objects. Take a look at our full range of wall plugs here.

fischer DuoPower Wall Plugs are an innovative range of wall plugs that combine two different materials, nylon and a soft component, for enhanced performance. The unique design allows for optimal grip and secure anchoring in a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, stone and plasterboard.

fischer Insulation and Cavity Fixings:

Insulation and cavity fixings from fischer are known for their strength, reliability, and ease of installation. They are specifically engineered to withstand the weight and pressures associated with insulation materials, ensuring a secure and durable installation.

These fixings are compatible with a range of materials, including concrete, masonry, lightweight building materials, and cavity walls such as drywall or hollow brickwork. They are designed to accommodate different substrates and provide reliable hold across various construction scenarios. For a full list of our Insulation and Cavity fixings, take a look here.

fischer at Fixings Store

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