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Bolle Safety

Bolle Safety is a top provider of specialist protective eyewear equipment for industrial, military and screen personnel.

The PPE Eyewear Specialists, for over 100 years.

For many years, Bolle Safety has become the worldwide leader in industrial safety eyewear thanks to its superior engineering, design, and quality standards. Offering glasses that set the standard for lightweight frames, high-strength, cloth headbands, exceptional ventilation systems and advanced lens coatings and treatments, the company makes sure that its customers have the best products possible to protect their most valuable resource - their eyesight.

For industries where eye safety is paramount.

Construction & Manufacturing Glasses

Bolle Safety Industrial eyewear range is designed to protect people while they are at work. Their lenses are developed with a range of anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, providing clear and safe vision at all times. The lenses also have superior scratch resistance and enhanced coverage for improved protection against foreign particles. The frames are ergonomically designed to provide stability, comfort and balance when being worn. Furthermore, the lenses are UV resistant and block out glare for better visibility in challenging lighting conditions. Bolle Safety Industrial eyewear ensures workers can complete their tasks safely with peace of mind, whether it’s on indoor or outdoor worksites.

Healthcare Glasses 

Bolle Safety Healthcare eyewear range provides an unbeatable combination of comfort and protection both in the hospital and outside of the clinical setting. Their glasses, which are certified and tested to global standards, deliver superior clarity, impact protection, and side protection leaving healthcare workers with peace of mind no matter where they go.

The frames feature comfortable monoblock temples and adjustable nose pads so that whenever they’re worn, wearers feel no discomfort or fatigue throughout their long working days, which is why Bolle have been the first name for eyewear protection for healthcare workers from across the world for many years.

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