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Paslode Collated Nail Packs

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Paslode Nail Compatibility

Paslode nail packs, often referred to as Paslode nail strips or Paslode nail fuel packs, are consumable accessories designed for use with Paslode cordless nail guns. 

It's important to ensure that you select the correct Paslode nail pack for your specific Paslode nail gun model and the type of work you'll be performing. Using the appropriate nails and fuel cells is crucial for the nail gun's performance and safety. 

In addition to nails, Paslode nail packs include a fuel cell. The fuel cell is a small canister containing a proprietary fuel and lubricant mixture. It provides the combustion energy required for the cordless nail gun to operate. The fuel cell is a crucial component in cordless nailers as it powers the firing process.

We have a large range of 50mm paslode nails which are available in a variety of different finishes including galvanised and Bright.

Paslode offers a range of nail packs, each tailored to a specific type of nail gun and application. For instance, there are packs for framing nailers, finishing nailers, and roofing nailers, each containing the appropriate nails and fuel cell for that type of work.